Automating the Chain

a Supply Chain Automation Show with Tee Ganbold

Automating the Chain with Tee Ganbold

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About The host

Tee Ganbold is formerly the co-founder and CMO of Clear AI, an AI powered supply chain optimization platform.

Tee has a broad experience both as an operator in frontier technology companies (from Cambridge Analytica, ConsenSys to Clear AI and SVT Robotics) and specialises in building business networks (through her company B2B Data Network). 

She is committed to building resilient, efficient and equitable economies by working with best in class technology companies that share her vision.

She is passionate in helping people understand high-level concepts, particularly in technology, so everyone can see the benefits.

Automating the Chain with Tee Ganbold

About The Show

Automating the Chain is the communication bridge that will span the learning gap between business executives and their technical counterparts. 

We’ll learn from CTOs and experts in industrial automation as they explain their technology in a clear and accessible way.

We’re focused on empowering technical leaders of organizations by providing them with a platform to educate their team, their community, and the wider population about the latest automation technology providers (both software and hardware) in their industry and why automation is beneficial to businesses and society.

We’ll also cover the wider positive and negative implications of industrial automation.

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