Episode 01

Automation in Light of COVID and the New Normal

with Wolfgang Lehmacher

Wolfgang Lehmacher

Former Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries at the World Economic Forum

Sat down with Wolfgang Lehmacher, former Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries at the World Economic Forum, on the Automating the Chain Show to give a global overview of the Industrial Automation market in Light of COVID and the new normal. Wolfgang shares his decades worth of experience across the Supply Chain industry, how COVID is shifting the focus of the supply chain industry, and what he expects to be accepted as the new normal moving forward.

  • Major economies driving a greater need for automation during the COVID era (3:26)
  • Tax incentives for capital investments in automation (5:54)
  • Balancing the spread of global resources to prevent a single source of failure (8:00)
  • The shortage of quality of labor required by modern factories (12:20)
  • Expectations for the Davos 2021 Annual Meeting (16:30)


We’re so thankful to have Wolfgang as a guest. Thank you for joining us!

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