Episode 02

Getting Acquired by Shopify and Automating Fulfillment via Robotics

with Jerome Dubois

Jerome Dubois


In this episode, Tee Ganbold sits down with Jerome Dubois is Co-CEO at 6 River Systems, owned by Shopify, a leading global commerce company. Jerome shares his experience working with Kiva Systems, now Amazon Robotics, and describes his journey and vision for building 6 River Systems.

  • How the team designed a robotic called “Chuck” to act a drop-in solution for fulfillment (2:01)
  • Why Shopify acquired 6 River & the universal problem they’re solving together (6:14)
  • The specifications and features that make “Chuck” unique (8:00)
  • How 6 River Systems makes integration with host systems a priority (11:20)
  • Relieving the unforeseen spike in commerce volume as a result of COVID (14:26)


Jerome and his team are creating truly innovative systems that are changing the ways companies consider infrastructure needs and approach fulfillment in an ever-changing economy. Huge thanks to Jerome for taking the time to join the show!

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