Episode 05

Using Data Technology to Highlight Inefficiencies and Drive Growth

with Alex Wakefield

Alex Wakefield


In this episode, Tee Ganbold sits down with Alex Wakefield, CEO of Longbow Advantage, to discuss how data-driven technology can improve efficiency while cutting costs for companies. Alex points out that companies can save time and money simply by highlighting the inefficiencies of their data systems to allow for growth.

This wide-ranging conversation includes topics such as:

  • Longbow’s mission of customer focus (2:42)
  • What does Longbow automate in the supply chain and how they differentiate themselves in the market? (3:48)
  • Trimming costs and time with technological automation (8:44)
  • Leveraging AI and ML in data processes (11:00)
  • Tracking cost-saving and ROI by pinpointing inefficiencies (15:27)
  • Helping companies bridge the gap between the technology team and the supply chain team (19:25)
  • How COVID has impacted customers in the supply chain (22:58)
  • Examining the enormous potential of the marketplace (26:48)
  • Where does Longbow go from here? (28:22)

Longbow Advantage is a leading Supply Chain Technology Company built to provide best-in-class WMS, LMS, and TMS implementation and integration services. Alex and his team are doing great things in the industry and their success is attributed to the company’s mission of delivering the best customer experience possible.

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