Episode 06

Econometrics and Execution

with Paul Hermsen

Paul Hermsen

Inther Group

In this episode, Tee Ganbold sits down with Paul Hermsen, Co-Founder and Owner of Inther Group, to discuss the rapidly changing landscape of automation systems. They also discuss the use of AI and the ways it impacts the labor market, business, and consumers.

This wide-ranging conversation discusses:

  • The background of starting Inther Group (2:13)
  • The landscape of the system integrated market and trends in the industry (3:52)
  • Change of consumers and businesses in light of the COVID crisis. (9:27)
  • Automation’s effects on the labor market (10:54)
  • The cost-saving effects of automation systems (13:18)
  • Addressing the skills gap in the warehouse automation market (16:25)
  • Where is Inther Group going in the future? (21:02)

Inther Group is an international system integrator with a full scope of techniques for successful project implementations. From design to system integration into service & support; a full service partner for your logistics. Paul and his team are growing at a rapid pace by providing ideal solutions for their clients.

Automating The Chain bridges the learning gap between business executives and their technical counterparts. Each episode we learn from CTOs and experts in industrial automation as they explain their technology in an accessible way. For more information, or to subscribe, please visit https://www.automatingthechain.com/.

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