Episode 07

Automation in the Conveyor Industry

with Jeff Berken

Jeff Berken

Founder and President

In this episode, Tee Ganbold sits down with Jeff Berken, Founder and President of Berken Solutions to talk about the importance of automation in the conveyor industry. They also talked about how COVID has highlighted the further need for automation and how businesses are combatting the changes to the industry.

Topics in this conversation include:

  • How Berken got started and the specifics of the conveyor industry (1:38)
  • Ideal clientele and the need for conveyor technology (5:30)
  • Deploying a Berken solution for clients (7:23)
  • How has conveyor technology evolved and where is it going? (10:14)
  • The impacts of COVID on the conveyor industry (13:52)
  • What’s ahead for the Berken and the conveyor marketplace? (18:18)

Berken Solutions seeks to ensure a smooth conveyor integration process that completely satisfies the system’s requirements for capability and performance. They also look to make every integrator look like a master solutioneer in the eyes of the customer. Jeff and his team are doing great things in the conveyor space and providing innovative solutions for their clients.

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