Episode 08

How Drone Technology is Redefining Warehouse Inventory Logistics

with Ian Smith

Ian Smith

Co-Founder & CEO

In this episode, Tee Ganbold sits down with Ian Smith, CEO at Ware, to talk about how drone technology is revolutionizing warehouse inventory operations. Ian shares how the market is adapting to drone technology and how companies are using drones to solve complex problems and increase productivity.

This interesting conversation includes:

  • The need for drone technology and the difference Ware makes in the industry (1:30)
  • What does the drone market look like today? (4:42)
  • The cost of Ware products for their clients (8:57)
  • Ware’s growth as a business in recent years and what’s next? (11:38)
  • Where does Ware go from here? (14:01)

Ware combines the smartest drones with powerful software to deliver accurate inventory reports straight into your WMS. From data capture, to data processing and everything in between, Ware provides the technology and automation to improve warehouse inventory logistics. Ian and his team are doing great things in the industry and we thank him for coming on the show.

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