Episode 09

Bite-Sized Increments in Technology to Improve Efficiency

with Trevor Blumenau

Trevor Blumenau

Founder & CEO

In this episode, Tee Ganbold sits down with Trevor Blumenau, Co-Founder and CEO of Voodoo Robotics, to talk about how companies can use cost-effective technologies to drive efficiency and growth. Trevor shares the story of Voodoo Robotics and how the company is serving warehouse and manufacturing needs through small but powerful technological innovation.

Topics in this conversation include:

  • The story behind the name “Voodoo” (1:59)
  • What does Voodoo Robotics do in the industry? (3:06)
  • Why do customers choose Voodoo Robotics? (7:22)
  • Implementing Voodoo technology in existing infrastructure (13:25)
  • How Voodoo Robotics integrates with other providers and softwares (20:08)
  • The need for more robotic technologies due to the COVID climate (24:19)
  • Where does Voodoo Robotics go from here? (26:15)


Voodoo Robotics, the leading innovator in picking warehouse automation, provides cost-effective technology for warehouse inventory management and order fulfillment solutions. With engineering and robotic expertise, the Texas-based pioneer brings the next wave of state-of-the-art automation to material handling industries.

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