Episode 11

Augmented Reality Used to Transfer Knowledge and Reduce Human Error in Manufacturing

with Joe Weaver

Joe Weaver

Co-Founder and CEO

In this episode, Tee Ganbold sits down with Joe Weaver, Co-Founder and CEO at Ario, to talk about how augmented reality (AR) is being used in manufacturing to transfer knowledge and reduce human error in operations across the supply chain.

Topics in this conversation include:

  • How Joe got started in the world of augmented reality (AR) (1:33)
  • Explaining AR and the benefits of consumer application (3:45)
  • How AR is providing innovative solutions in the COVID era (6:10)
  • The ways that Ario provides solutions for clients and consumers (8:16)
  • How companies can work with Ario (15:06)
  • What does the future look like in the space of AR? (19:12)

Ario combines the power of scalable web and mobile technologies with augmented reality. They  provide companies with tools to easily capture and distribute expert knowledge across all levels of your organization.

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