Episode 12

Beyond Amazon, There Will Be a Shared View in a Supply Chain Network

with Mike Allan

Mike Allan

Co-Founder & CEO

In this episode, Tee Ganbold sits down with Mike Allan, Co-Founder and CEO of Routeique to talk about integrated solutions for connecting manufacturers, distributors & retailers through cloud-based delivery management.

Topics in this conversation include:

  • How Routeique got started in the space (2:06)
  • Where is the value for Routeique in supply chain? (4:34)
  • Seeing the product in action (7:40)
  • Automation and simplification in the supply chain (13:07)
  • How Routeique has grown in the last few years (20:31)
  • How COVID has changed customers and consumers (22:02)

Routeique is a cloud-based, end-to-end order and delivery management solution built to make supply chains seamless. Their software & hardware solutions connect manufacturers, distributors, retailers and more! This allows their clients to feel like they own their supply chain network, even when they don’t. Instead of relying on small clusters of visibility, Routeique focuses on synchronized planning and execution across the extended supply network, allowing for flexible manufacturing and intelligent fulfillment.

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