Episode 04

How Automation is Benefitting the Consumer Today

with Cameron Geiger

Cameron Geiger

Chief Supply Chain Officer

In this episode, Tee Ganbold sits down with Cameron Geiger, Chief Supply Chain Officer of TriMark USA and former SVP of Supply Chain at Walmart, to discuss the impacts of the COVID crisis on the restaurant supply chain. They also discuss how automation is allowing companies to innovate and adapt as well as what the future holds for the industry.

This wide-ranging conversation includes topics such as:

  • Cameron’s background and experience in the supply chain (1:48)
  • Cameron’s learnings from Handling Over 100+ Automation Projects for Walmart (4:25)
  • The Impacts of the COVID Crisis on the supply chain (8:13)
  • How TriMark USA has adapted in COVID (11:40)
  • How automation is benefitting the consumer today (14:37)
  • The importance of collaboration in building efficiency in systems (18:57)
  • Exciting projects in the future of the supply chain industry (21:45)

TriMark USA is the largest distributor of kitchen equipment in the country and Cameron and his team are doing great things in the industry. They aim to lead with their values and to support the success and sustainability of our customers so they can focus on their culinary pursuits.

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